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MLB | Andy Pettitte insists he is staying retired

Mon, 03 Mar 2014 17:56:25 -0800

Retired SP Andy Pettitte (Yankees) said Monday, March 3, that he is excited to be in camp as a guest instructor, but he insisted that his pitching days are over. "There's nothing in the works, I promise y'all. It's been good. I'm just enjoying being home," Pettitte said.

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MLB | Tony La Russa intends to remain retired

Thu, 09 May 2013 22:55:06 -0700

Former MLB manager Tony La Russa insists he will not return to managing.

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MLB | Derrek Lee staying retired

Thu, 14 Mar 2013 17:11:22 -0700

Retired 1B Derrek Lee has decided to stay retired despite the New York Yankees reaching out to him to replace sidelined 1B Mark Teixeira (wrist).

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MLB | Jason Isringhausen not retired

Thu, 14 Feb 2013 15:39:38 -0800

Updating a previous item, free-agent RP Jason Isringhausen's (Angels) agent said his client isn't technically retired. Isringhausen is taking a volunteer college coaching job but is still looking for a job pitching.

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MLB | Chipper Jones to remain retired

Sun, 06 Jan 2013 10:17:15 -0800

BB Abbott, the agent for former Atlanta Braves 3B Chipper Jones, said his client has opted to remain retired despite being contacted by several teams this offseason.

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MLB | David Eckstein not retired

Sun, 22 Jan 2012 19:16:20 -0800

Updating a previous report, the agent for free-agent INF David Eckstein (Padres) said his client has not decided to retire, and he will play if "the right opportunity arises."

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MLB | Bengie Molina not retired yet

Tue, 12 Jul 2011 20:03:18 -0700

Free-agent C Bengie Molina (Rangers) said Tuesday, July 12, that he is not retired yet, but indicated he is not going to play in 2011.

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MLB | David Eckstein not retired

Thu, 30 Jun 2011 06:17:01 -0700

Free-agent 2B David Eckstein (Padres) said he's not retired and received an offer to sign with a team four weeks ago, but he turned it down. Eckstein said it had to be the right situation. His brother, Washington Nationals hitting coach Rick Eckstein, said "I think in this game you get to a point where you know what you can do, and you want to be in a situation where people believe in you." "David has been a great attribute to baseball for 10 years. He brings a certain element to every team he's been a part of, and at some point, what he brings, people don't see it as a value. So he has decided not to play." Eckstein said.

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MLB | Bengie Molina not retired

Tue, 08 Mar 2011 06:39:18 -0800

Free-agent C Bengie Molina (Rangers) said he's not retired and is seeking a guaranteed deal with a decent salary, The Mercury News' Andrew Baggarly reports.

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MLB | John Smoltz says he's retired

Mon, 28 Feb 2011 08:41:12 -0800

Free-agent SP John Smoltz (Cardinals) said he is officially retired, the MLB Network reports.

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MLB | Jarrod Washburn to remain retired?

Sun, 13 Feb 2011 13:04:26 -0800

Several MLB general managers claim that former Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Detroit Tigers SP Jarrod Washburn would only return to baseball if he is given a fairly sizable major league contract, according to Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe. He would prefer to stay in the Midwest if he made a comeback, pitching for a team such as the Milwaukee Brewers or Minnesota Twins.

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MLB | John Smoltz not retired

Thu, 29 Apr 2010 02:41:40 -0700

Free-agent SP John Smoltz (Cardinals) hasn't been throwing but has been working out, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Derrick Goold. Smoltz still won't say he is retired.

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MLB | Peterson confirms Mulder has retired

Mon, 15 Feb 2010 08:41:05 -0800

Updating earlier reports,'s Adam McCalvy reports Milwaukee Brewers pitching coach Rick Peterson confirmed SP Mark Mulder has retired.

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MLB | Glavine not officially retired

Thu, 14 Jan 2010 19:35:15 -0800

Mark Bowman, of, reports free-agent SP Tom Glavine (Braves) said he is not officially retired, but the likelihood of him returning in 2010 is very slim. "I haven't officially (retired) yet," Glavine said. "I don't know why. I think if anybody has any common sense, they can figure out that I'm probably not going to pitch again." When Glavine retires, he is expected to enter the Atlanta Braves' organization in some capacity.

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MLB | Borowski says he's retired

Wed, 25 Feb 2009 04:50:06 -0800

The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Paul Hoynes reports free-agent RP Joe Borowski (Indians) said he has retired after he didn't receive a suitable offer in the offseason.

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Abbott Jeff OF
Abbott Kurt 2B
Abreu Bobby OF
Achter A.J. P
Adams Russ 2B
Adenhart Nick SP
Adkins Jon P
Agbayani Benny OF
Ainsworth Kurt SP
Alexander Manny SS
Alfonseca Antonio RP
Alfonzo Edgardo 3B
Alicea Luis 2B
Allen Chad OF
Allen Nick S. P
Almanza Armando RP
Alou Moises OF
Alvarez Gabe P
Alvarez Juan P
Alvarez Victor SS
Alvarez Victor RP
Alvarez Wilson SP
Anderson Brian P
Anderson Garret OF
Anderson Jimmy SP
Anderson Marlon 2B
Anderson Matt J. 3B
Ankiel Rick OF
Antonelli Matt 2B
Aparicio Luis SS
Appel Mark SP
Appier Kevin SP
Aquino Greg RP
Arias Henry P
Arrojo Rolando P
Arroyo Bronson SP
Ashby Andy SP
Astacio Pedro SP
Atchison Scott RP
Aurilia Rich 1B
Austin Jeff SP
Avendano Elvis P
Avery Steve RP
Aybar Manny RP
Bacsik Mike SP
Baerga Carlos 2B
Baez Danys RP
Bailey Andrew RP
Bailey Cory RP
Baisley Brad P
Baldwin James SP
Balfour Grant RP
Bard Daniel RP
Barkett Andy 1B
Bartlett Jason SS
Batista Tony 3B
Bauer Greg P
Bautista Danny OF
Bechler Steve P
Beck Rod RP
Bedard Erik SP
Beeson Bobby P
Belitz Todd P
Bell Heath RP
Bell Rob SP
Bellhorn Mark INF
Belliard Ronnie 2B
Bellinger Clay INF
Beltran Carlos OF
Benard Marvin OF
Benes Alan SP
Benes Andy SP
Benjamin Mike 3B
Benson Kris SP
Berg Dave INF
Berger Brandon OF
Berkman Lance 1B
Betancourt Rafael RP
Biggio Craig 2B
Bittner Tim P
Blake Casey 3B
Blalock Hank 1B
Blalock Jake OF
Blauser Jeff 2B
Blue Vida SP
Blum Geoff 3B
Blyleven Bert SP
Bohn T.J. OF
Boleska Tom P
Borbon Pedro RP
Borkowski Dave P
Borland Toby RP
Bowles Brian P
Bowyer Travis RP
Boyd Dennis P
Bozied Tagg 1B
Braden Dallas SP
Bradley Bobby L. P
Bradley Jed P
Bragg Darren OF
Brantley Mickey OF
Bray Bill RP
Brewer Brent SS
Brower Jim RP
Brown Andrew OF
Brown Kevin SP
Buchanan Brian OF
Buck John C
Budzinski Mark OF
Bullinger Jim P
Burba Dave RP
Burkett John SP
Burkhart Morgan 1B
Burks Ellis DH
Burnett A.J. SP
Burnitz Jeromy OF
Burrell Pat OF
Burroughs Sean 3B
Byrnes Eric OF
Cabell Enos INF
Cabrera Orlando 2B
Cain Matt SP
Cairo Miguel INF
Calderon Ivan OF
Calloway Ron OF
Cameron Mike OF
Camp Rick P
Camp Shawn RP
Canizaro Jay 2B
Cannizaro Andy INF
Cannon Chip 1B
Carlyle Buddy P
Carpenter Chris SP
Carroll Jamey 2B
Carter Gary C
Carter Lance RP
Carvajal Marcos P
Casey Sean 1B
Cassidy Scott P
Castilla Vinny 3B
Castillo Carlos P
Castillo Luis 2B
Castro Bernie 2B
Catalanotto Frank OF
Catricala Vinnie 3B
Cedeno Jovanny RP
Cedeno Roger OF
Cepicky Matt OF
Chang Ray SS
Charlton Norm RP
Chavez Lupe P
Chen Bruce SP
Choi Hee Seop 1B
Christiansen Jason RP
Cintron Alex SS
Cirillo Jeff 3B
Clapp Stubby INF
Clark Brady OF
Clark Howie INF
Clark Jermaine OF
Clark Will 1B
Clayton Royce SS
Clemens Roger SP
Clement Jeff 1B
Clement Matt SP
Clontz Brad RP
Cloude Ken P
Collier Lou OF
Collina Kyle P
Conine Jeff OF
Cook Dennis RP
Coolbaugh Mike 3B
Coomer Ron 3B
Cooper Brian P
Cooper Riley OF
Cordero Chad RP
Cordero Francisco RP
Cordero Wil INF
Cordova Marty OF
Cormier Rheal RP
Cornejo Nate SP
Cotham Caleb RP
Crawford Paxton SP
Creek Doug RP
Cromer D.T. OF
Crosby Roscoe OF
Crouthers David P
Crowell Jim P
Crudale Mike RP
Cruz Deivi SS
Cruz Jacob INF
Cruz Jr. Jose OF
Cuddyer Michael OF
Cummings Midre OF
D'Amico Jeff SP
Daal Omar SP
Dallimore Brian INF
Daubach Brian 1B
Daulton Darren C
DaVanon Jeff OF
Davis Brad A. P
Davis Eric OF
Davis Jason SP
Davis John-Paul INF
Davis Kane P
Davis Matt P
Dawson Andre OF
Day Zach SP
De La Rosa Dane RP
De Los Santos Luis P
De Los Santos Valerio RP
DeHart Rick P
DeJean Mike RP
DeJesus David OF
Delgado Carlos 1B
Delgado Wilson SS
Dellucci David OF
Dempsey Rick C
DeRosa Mark 3B
Desme Grant OF
DeVore Doug OF
Diaz Matt OF
Dickey Gavin OF
Dickson Jason P
DiFelice Mike C
Doi Bruno OF
Donnelly Brendan RP
Donnels Chris 3B
Dotel Octavio RP
Doumit Ryan C
Downs Scott RP
Dreifort Darren P
Drew J.D. OF
Drew Stephen 2B
Driskill Travis P
Ducey Rob OF
Duffy Chris OF
Dumatrait Phil RP
Duncan Chris OF
Duncan Eric 1B
Dunn Adam DH
Dunston Shawon OF
Dunwoody Todd OF
Durbin Chad RP
Durham Ray 2B
Durocher Jayson RP
Eckstein David 2B
Edell Ryan P
Edmonds Jim OF
Ehlert James P
Eischen Joey RP
Ellis Mark 2B
Ellis Robert P
Encarnacion Juan OF
Ensberg Morgan 3B
Erstad Darin OF
Estalella Bobby C
Ethier Andre OF
Eusebio Jean P
Everett Carl OF
Eyre Scott RP
Fabregas Jorge C
Fassero Jeff P
Feliz Pedro 3B
Feller Bob P
Fernandez Jose SP
Fernandez Jose X. 3B
Fernandez Osvaldo SP
Fetters Mike RP
Fick Robert 1B
Field Thomas 2B
Figgins Chone 3B
File Bob RP
Flaherty John C
Flannery Tim INF
Fletcher Darrin C
Flores Daniel C
Flores Randy RP
Fordyce Brook C
Fox Andy SS
Francis Jeff SP
Franco John RP
Francoeur Jeff OF
Freel Ryan OF
Freeman Choo OF
French Luke SP
Frisella Paul OF
Fryer Eric C
Fuentes Brian RP
Fullmer Brad 1B
Furcal Rafael 2B
Gaetti Gary 3B
Galarraga Armando SP
Gant Ron OF
Gantner Jim 2B
Garces Rich RP
Garcia Freddy SP
Garcia Karim OF
Garcia Rosman RP
Garciaparra Michael SS
Garciaparra Nomar SS
Gast John SP
Gerut Jody OF
Gettis Byron OF
Getz Chris 2B
Giambi Jason 1B
Giambi Jeremy OF
Gibbons Jay OF
Gibson Kirk OF
Gil Benji 1B
Gil Geronimo C
Giles Brian OF
Giles Marcus 2B
Gilkey Bernard OF
Gipson Charles OF
Glanville Doug OF
Glaus Troy 3B
Glavine Mike 1B
Gomes Wayne P
Gomez Chris SS
Gonzalez Alex S. INF
Gonzalez Geremi SP
Gonzalez Luis OF
Gonzalez Miguel Alfredo SP
Gordon Tom RP
Gosling Mike RP
Gossage Rich CL
Gradoville Tim C
Graffanino Tony 2B
Greene Larry OF
Greene Todd C
Greer Rusty OF
Gregorio Tom C
Grieve Ben OF
Griffey Jr. Ken OF
Griffin Colt P
Grimsley Jason RP
Groom Buddy RP
Gross Gabe OF
Grudzielanek Mark 2B
Guerrero Vladimir DH
Guerrero Wilton SS
Guillen Carlos 2B
Guillen Yewry SS
Guthrie Jeremy SP
Guthrie Mark RP
Gutierrez Ricky SS
Gwynn Tony OF
Hackman Luther RP
Hairston Jr. Jerry 2B
Hall Bill 2B
Hall Toby C
Halladay Roy SP
Halman Greg OF
Hamilton Joey SP
Hammonds Jeffrey OF
Hancock Josh RP
Hanrahan Joel RP
Hanson Tommy SP
Harman Brad INF
Harris Brian INF
Harris Lenny 3B
Hart Bo 2B
Hart Corey OF
Harvey Ken 1B
Harville Chad RP
Hasegawa Shigetoshi RP
Haselman Bill C
Hassan Alex OF
Hatteberg Scott 1B
Havens Reese 2B
Hawksworth Blake RP
Haynes Jimmy P
Heintz Chris C
Helling Rick SP
Helton Todd 1B
Hendrickson Mark RP
Hensley Clay RP
Henson Drew 3B
Heredia Gil RP
Herges Matt RP
Hermansen Chad OF
Hermanson Dustin RP
Hernandez Jose SS
Hernandez Livan SP
Herr Tom 2B
Hessman Mike INF
Hiatt Phil 3B
Higginson Bobby OF
Hiljus Erik SP
Hill Koyie C
Hinojosa Dalier RP
Hitchcock Sterling SP
Hochevar Luke RP
Hocking Denny 2B
Hoey Jim RP
Holbert Aaron INF
Hollandsworth Todd OF
Hollins Damon OF
Hollins Dave 3B
Hoover Paul C
House Tom RP
Howry Bob RP
Hoyt LaMarr P
Hrbek Kent 1B
Hubbard Trenidad OF
Hudler Rex 2B
Hudson Luke SP
Huff Aubrey 1B
Humber Philip SP
Hundley Todd C
Hunter Brian OF
Hunter Torii OF
Incaviglia Pete OF
Irabu Hideki SP
Ishii Kazuhisa SP
Isringhausen Jason RP
Izturis Maicer 2B
Jackson Conor OF
Jackson Mike RP
Jacobsen Bucky 1B
Jakubauskas Chris P
James Kevin P
Jenkins Geoff OF
Jeter Derek SS
Jimenez D'Angelo 2B
Jimenez Jose RP
Johnson Charles X. C
Johnson Josh SP
Johnson Nick 1B
Johnson Randy SP
Jones Bobby J. SP
Jones Bobby M. P
Jones Mike D. P
Jones Todd RP
Jordan Brian OF
Juden Jeff P
Justice David OF
Kaline Al OF
Kalish Ryan OF
Karros Eric 1B
Karstens Jeff SP
Kell George 3B
Kellogg Dustin P
Kendall Jason C
Kennedy Joe P
Kent Jeff 2B
Keough Matt P
Key Jimmy SP
Kida Masao P
Kieschnick Brooks RP
Kile Darryl SP
Kinney Matt RP
Kittle Ron OF
Kline Steve RP
Koch Billy RP
Koehler Kurt P
Koosman Jerry SP
Kopitzke Casey C
Koplove Mike RP
Koskie Corey 3B
Kreuter Chad C
Kroon Marc P
Kuwata Masumi P
Laker Tim C
Lampkin Tom C
Landa Yorman P
Langston Mark SP
Lankford Ray OF
Lapinski Cory P
Larkin Barry SS
LaRoche Adam 1B
LaRue Jason C
Laureano Wilfrido P
Lawrence Brian SP
Lawton Matt OF
Lazo Pedro Luis SP
Ledee Ricky OF
Lee Carlos 1B
Lee Derrek 1B
Lee Travis 1B
Leiter Al RP
Lentz Richard P
Leskanic Curtis RP
Levine Al RP
Levis Jesse C
Lewis Darren OF
Leyritz Jim C
Lidge Brad RP
Lidle Cory SP
Lieberthal Mike C
Liefer Jeff OF
Lima Jose SP
Linton Doug RP
Little Mark OF
Lloyd Graeme RP
Loaiza Esteban SP
Lockhart Keith 2B
Lofton Kenny OF
Lohse Kyle SP
Loiselle Rich RP
Long Terrence OF
Looper Braden SP
Lopez Albie RP
Lopez Aquilino SP
Lopez Javier RP
Lopez Javy C
Lopez Luis M. SS
Loux Shane RP
Lowe Derek SP
Lowell Mike 3B
Lucy Donny C
Ludwick Ryan OF
Lugo Julio SS
Lydon Wayne OF
Lyons Michael P
Lysander Brent P
Macias Jose OF
Made Hector INF
Maduro Calvin SP
Magnante Mike RP
Mahay Ron RP
Mahoney Mike C
Maniscalco Matt INF
Mantei Matt RP
Marcum Shaun SP
Marjama Mike C
Marrero Eli OF
Marte Andy 1B
Martin Al OF
Martin Steve OF
Martinez Daniel A. P
Martinez Ramon SS
Martinez Sandy C
Matsui Hideki DH
Mauer Jake INF
Mavroulis Coby P
Mayne Brent C
Mays Joe SP
McClellan Kyle RP
McConnell Caleb P
McDonald Darnell OF
McDonald Donzell OF
McDonald John SS
McDowell Jack SP
McGlinchy Kevin RP
McGraw Tug RP
McGregor Scott P
McGriff Fred 1B
McKay Cody C
McKenry Michael C
McLemore Mark INF
McReynolds Kevin OF
Mead David P
Meares Pat 2B
Meche Gil SP
Medlen Kris SP
Melillo Mike C
Meluskey Mitch C
Mendoza Carlos INF
Mendoza Ramiro P
Mercado Hector RP
Merced Orlando OF
Mercedes Jose P
Mercker Kent RP
Merloni Lou 2B
Michalak Chris P
Miles Aaron 2B
Miller Damian C
Miller Greg T. RP
Miller Jai OF
Miller Justin M. P
Millwood Kevin SP
Minor Ryan 2B
Mirabelli Doug C
Mlicki Dave SP
Moehler Brian SP
Monahan Shane OF
Mondesi Raul OF
Monti Jason P
Mordecai Mike SS
Morgan Mike SP
Morris Matt SP
Morris Warren 2B
Mota Guillermo RP
Motte Jason RP
Moyer Jamie SP
Mulholland Terry RP
Munro Pete P
Murakami Fabio OF
Murphy Dale OF
Murphy David OF
Murray Calvin OF
Murray Dan P
Myers Damien P
Myers Greg C
Myers Mike RP
Myers Randy RP
Myers Rodney RP
Myette Aaron P
Nannini Michael P
Neagle Denny SP
Nelson Jeff RP
Nen Robb CL
Nettles Graig 3B
Neugebauer Nick SP
Nichting Chris RP
Nickle Doug RP
Nixon Otis OF
Nixon Trot OF
Noonan Chris P
Nunez Abraham OF
Nunez Eduardo F. SS
O'Leary Troy OF
O'Neil Buck 1B
Olerud John 1B
Oliva Tony OF
Oliver Darren RP
Ordonez Magglio OF
Ordonez Rey SS
Orosco Jesse RP
Ortiz Jose 2B
Ortiz Omar P
Ortiz Russ P
Osborne Donovan P
Osoria Franquelis P
Osuna Antonio RP
Oswalt Roy SP
Painter Lance RP
Palmeiro Orlando OF
Palmeiro Rafael 1B
Paniagua Jose RP
Paquette Craig 3B
Paradis Mike P
Park Chan Ho RP
Parker Jarrod SP
Parque Jim SP
Parris Steve SP
Parrott Rhett P
Patterson John SP
Pavano Carl SP
Pearce Josh SP
Pelfrey Mike SP
Pena Brayan C
Pena Carlos 1B
Pena Juan P
Pennington Josh P
Penny Brad SP
Percival Troy RP
Perez Chris RP
Perez Eddie C
Perkins Glen RP
Perry Herbert 3B
Person Robert P
Petrick Ben C
Pettitte Andy SP
Phelps Josh 1B
Phelps Tommy P
Phillips J.R. 1B
Phillips Jason C
Phillips Tony 2B
Piatt Adam OF
Piazza Tommy C
Pichardo Hipolito RP
Pierre Juan OF
Pineda Luis RP
Plesac Dan RP
Polanco Placido 3B
Pope Justin SP
Posada Jorge DH
Powell Brian P
Powell Jay RP
Pratt Jordan P
Pratt Todd C
Pratt Trent C
Pride Curtis OF
Prieto Ariel P
Prinz Bret RP
Proctor Scott RP
Prokopec Luke SP
Puckett Kirby OF
Puffer Brandon RP
Punto Nick 2B
Radke Brad SP
Raggio Brady RP
Raines Tim OF
Ramirez Aramis 3B
Ramos Jonathan SP
Ramsay Rob SP
Randa Joe 3B
Rasmussen Rob RP
Reardon Jeff RP
Reboulet Jeff SS
Redding Tim SP
Redman Mark SP
Reed Chris SP
Reed Rick SP
Reed Steve RP
Reese Pokey SS
Reitsma Chris SP
Relaford Desi INF
Remlinger Mike RP
Renteria Edgar SS
Reynolds Gene SS
Reynolds Shane P
Reynoso Armando SP
Rhodes Arthur RP
Rhodes Tuffy OF
Richard Chris 1B
Rijo Jose SP
Rio-Nunez Ruddy OF
Ripken Jr. Cal SS
Rivera Mariano RP
Rivera Mike C
Roberge J.P. OF
Roberts Brian 2B
Robertson Jeriome SP
Robinson Chris C
Robinson Jackie INF
Rodriguez Jose RP
Rogers Kenny SP
Rolen Scott 3B
Rolls Damian OF
Romano Jason INF
Romero J.C. RP
Rose Jr. Pete INF
Rueter Kirk P
Ruhle Vern P
Rushford Jim OF
Rustich Brant P
Saberhagen Bret SP
Sadler Donnie INF
Saenz Olmedo 1B
Salmon Tim DH
Sanches Brian RP
Sanchez Freddy 2B
Sanchez Jose P
Sanchez Rey SS
Sanchez Victor P
Sandberg Jared 3B
Sanders Deion OF
Sanders Reggie OF
Sanders Scott P
Santana Julio RP
Santiago Benito C
Santos Victor RP
Satin Josh 1B
Sauerbeck Scott RP
Saunders Tony P
Schilling Curt SP
Schneider Brian C
Segui David 1B
Selby Bill 2B
Seo Jae Weong SP
Serrano Elio F. RP
Service Scott RP
Sheets Ben SP
Sheffield Gary OF
Shields Scot RP
Short Rick INF
Shouse Brian RP
Shuey Paul RP
Shumpert Terry 2B
Sierra Ruben OF
Simmons Brian OF
Simontacchi Jason SP
Singleton Chris OF
Sirotka Mike P
Slaught Don C
Small Aaron P
Smith Chuck P
Smith Lee CL
Smith Matthew SS
Smith Ozzie SS
Smith Roy P
Smoltz John SP
Snare Ryan P
Snead Esix OF
Snow J.T. 1B
Snyder Chris C
Snyder Kyle P
Sojo Luis SS
Soler Alay P
Song Seung P
Soriano Alfonso OF
Soriano Rafael RP
Sosa Juan L. INF
Sosa Sammy OF
Sparks Steve P
Spencer Shane OF
Spilborghs Ryan OF
Spivey Junior 2B
Sprague Ed 3B
Springer Russ RP
Stanton Michael RP
Stefanski Mike C
Stenson Dernell OF
Stephenson Garrett SP
Stevens Lee 1B
Stewart Shannon OF
Stieb Dave SP
Stockfish Austin C
Stocks Nick P
Stone Steve SP
Stottlemyre Todd SP
Stynes Chris 3B
Sullivan Scott RP
Suppan Jeff SP
Surhoff B.J. OF
Sutter Bruce CL
Sutton Larry INF
Suzuki Mac RP
Swindell Greg RP
Takatsu Shingo RP
Tallet Brian RP
Tatis Fernando 1B
Taubensee Eddie C
Taylor Michael X. OF
Teahen Mark 3B
Tejera Michael P
Tenace Gene C
Tewksbury Bob SP
Tharpe Derek P
Theriot Ryan SS
Thomas Gorman OF
Thurman Mike P
Timlin Mike RP
Timmons Ozzie OF
Tolbert Matt INF
Torcato Tony OF
Torres Salomon RP
Trachsel Steve SP
Tracy Brian P
Trammell Bubba OF
Treanor Matt C
Tremie Chris C
Truby Chris 3B
Tudor John SP
Tuttle Chris INF
Ust Brant C
Valdes Marc P
Valdez Ismael SP
Valent Eric OF
Valentin Javier C
Valenzuela Fernando SP
Van Poppel Todd P
Vander Wal John OF
Varitek Jason C
Varner Gary OF
Varvaro Anthony RP
Vaughn Greg OF
Vaughn Mo 1B
Vazquez Javier SP
Vazquez Ramon SS
Velandia Jorge INF
Velarde Randy 2B
Venable Will OF
Venafro Mike RP
Ventura Yordano SP
Veres Dave RP
Victorino Shane OF
Vidro Jose 2B
Villone Ron RP
Vina Fernando 2B
Vitek Kolbrin 3B
Vitiello Joe 1B
Vizcaino Jose SS
Vogelsong Ryan SP
Waechter Doug RP
Wagner Billy RP
Wagner Ryan RP
Wakefield Tim SP
Walbeck Matt C
Walker Kevin RP
Walker Todd INF
Wall Donne RP
Ward Daryle 1B
Wasdin John SP
Washburn Jarrod SP
Wassermann Ehren RP
Waters Chris H. P
Watson Mark P
Watson Mike P
Weaver Jeff SP
Weaver Jered SP
Webb Brandon SP
Weber Jon OF
Wellemeyer Todd RP
Wells Bob RP
Wells David SP
Wendell Turk RP
Werth Jayson OF
Westbrook Jake SP
Westmoreland Ryan OF
Wheeler Dan RP
Whitaker Lou 2B
White Frank 2B
White Gabe RP
White Matt P
White Rick RP
Whiteside Eli C
Widger Chris C
Williams Bernie OF
Williams Gerald OF
Williams Glenn INF
Williams Mike RP
Williams Mitch CL
Willingham Josh OF
Willis Dontrelle SP
Wilson C.J. SP
Wilson Craig OF
Wilson Dan C
Wilson Enrique 2B
Wilson Jack SS
Wilson Preston OF
Wilson Tom C
Wilson Vance C
Winkelsas Joe P
Winn Randy OF
Wise Matt RP
Witt Bobby SP
Wohlers Mark RP
Wolf Randy SP
Womack Tony 2B
Wood Jason INF
Wood Kerry RP
Worrell Tim RP
Wright Dan SP
Wright Jamey SP
Wright Jaret SP
Wunsch Kelly RP
Yabu Keiichi RP
Yarnall Ed P
Yarnell Eddie P
Youkilis Kevin 3B
Young Dmitri 1B
Young Ernie OF
Young Kevin 1B
Zaun Gregg C
Zeid Josh RP
Zito Barry SP
Zumaya Joel RP

Alou Felipe MAN
Anderson Sparky MAN
Cox Bobby MAN
Flanagan Mike TO
Fregosi Jim MAN
Jones Jeff PC
Lasorda Tommy MAN
McKeon Jack MAN
McRae Hal TO
Phillips Steve GM
Smith Steve TO
Torre Joe MAN

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